On Friday evening, November 4th, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Supported browser versions

This update is relevant for professionals, clients and friends

Minddistrict strives for optimal functioning and security of the platforms and therefore only supports up-to-date safe and stable versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox 
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari on MacOS

When a company no longer supports a specific version of its browser, Minddistrict goes along with this and will also no longer support that version. This is for security reasons, no longer supported browser versions can be unsafe. 

Tip: Want to know which version is safe and stable? On this web page you will find an up-to-date overview of the recent and safe versions of the above browsers (this page is not published by Minddistrict but is an initiative of web designers and webmasters of several websites that maintain this page)

Technical update

REST-API extension

This update is relevant for organisations that use the REST-API

The professional REST-API endpoint has been extended with a number of parameters. This makes it easier to search the professional REST-API from now on.

Info: As form November 4th, the technical documentation will be updated with this information
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