With video calling you can remotely have a secure conversation within the platform with your client. Clients can speak to you from their familiar home environment. You can also start a video call with fellow professionals.

Not every organization offers the option of video calling. In that case, you will not see this feature available in the platform.

This page explains the video calling functionality. Do you want to start video calling quickly? Look here for the instructions to start a conversation quickly.(Opens in a new window)

Video calling

Start a conversation

Video calling is part of the calling functionality in the platform.

Step 1. Click on the conversation cloud of a client or professional account with which you want to start a conversation. You can open an existing conversation under the 'Conversations' tab.

Step 2. Click on 'start video call'.

Step 3. Allow the browser to use the camera and microphone.

Look here for solutions if you have problems with video calling.(Opens in a new window)

The video call will open in a new tab. This gives you the option to continue using the Minddistrict platform in the other tab without affecting the video call conversation. In addition to video calling, you can continue to send each other messages.

Video call functionalities

Video calling contains a number of functionalities. In a video call, you can:

  • magnify the screen
  • share your screen
  • turn your microphone on or off
  • turn your camera on or off
  • end the call
  • invite multiple participants (the person who is in charge of the conversation is the conversation manager), up to 12.

You can also see which participants are in the conversation and whether they have their microphone on or off. A clock is built in so you can see how long the call is going on.


Start a group call

Start a group call

Agree in advance who will start the video call. This prevents different conversations from being started by different participants.

Step 1: Click ‘Start Conversation’ with a first participant.

Step 2. Add other participants to this conversation. Click on 'Add participants'.

You can have a group call with both clients and professionals. If there are participants in a group conversation that are not linked to each other in the platform, then those participants will be asked to enter a nickname for privacy reasons.

Step 3: Start the video call via the button 'Start video call'. All participants will now receive a call in their screen. You can video call!

You can have a group conversation with up to 12 people.

Important to know for group conversations

The video calling infrastructure can handle an almost unlimited number of simultaneous sessions and participants. Nevertheless, we have set the limit for the number of participants at 12 participants. The reason for this is that the end user's internet connection and device may cause reduced image quality. Each user will have to be able to handle multiple video call streams. This costs extra bandwidth and requires extra computing power from the devices with which participants make video calls. This increases with the number of participants. It is therefore possible that several people can have group conversations without any problems and someone else experiences problems.

Each participant can in any case test the basics by taking the test that provides insight into the expected video call quality: https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/.(Opens in new window) Please note, this does not provide insight into the expected video call quality of a group call. There is no pre-test for group calls.

Check here for solutions if you are experiencing problems with video-calling.(Opens in new window)

Invite a guest to a video call and temporary calls

Invite a guest to a video call

This functionality is not available by default. The Minddistrict Servicedesk can activate this functionality on request.

As a professional, it is possible to invite a guest to a conversation. A guest is someone who does not have an account on the Minddistrict platform. The owner of a conversation (the person who started the conversation) can send a link to someone outside the platform. In this way, this external person can participate in the video call or chat conversation, without needing an account.

Inviting a guest can be useful, for example, in the following situations:

  • Invite a family member of the client to a (video call) conversation, if the person doesn't have a client account
  • Involving other external therapists of the client in a (video call) conversation (e.g. a social worker, coach or counsellor)
Only professionals have this option to invite a guest. It is therefore a different functionality than the friend functionality; in which the client has the lead.

How does it work?

Step 1: The conversation manager generates a link (via the 'Add participants' button). He shares this link with the guest outside the platform (e.g. by email).

Step 2: The guest clicks on the link (this link is valid for 7 days). The guest requests access by entering his or her name.

Step 3. The administrator of the conversation is given a task. He accepts the guest (he can also refuse him, if necessary).

Step 4. If the guest is accepted, he will be added as a participant and all participants can communicate with each other (messaging or video calling).

After 1 hour of inactivity, the guest is automatically removed from the conversation. If he wants to access the conversation again later, he must request access again.

Temporary calls

This functionality is not available by default. The Minddistrict Service Desk can activate this functionality on request.

Professionals can start a temporary conversation. A temporary conversation is a conversation where all data is automatically deleted.

A temporary conversation can be useful, for example, in the following situations:

  • Invite an external professional for consultation via a (video call) conversation;
  • A (video call) conversation where the storage of the conversation data is unnecessary or even undesirable.

Characteristics of a temporary conversation:

  • Can only be used by professionals.
  • All call data is deleted one hour after a video call has ended.
  • If no video call has been started, the data will be deleted after 7 days.
Any video call minutes are saved in the data.

How does it work?

Step 1: The professional starts a new conversation via the 'Conversations' menu. He is then given the choice:

  1. A regular conversation with contacts
  2. A temporary conversation

Step 2: If the professional chooses a temporary conversation, he has two options regarding adding participants:

  1. One or more professionals from his contact list
  2. Generate a link to invite a guest (someone without an account on the platform)
It is not possible to add clients from your contact list to a temporary call.

The user will see a warning on the conversation page that the conversation will be automatically deleted.