On Friday evening, April 1st, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Minddistrict app

Support for the app in iOS 12 and 13 will end

This update is relevant for clients and friends 

After the April release, devices running iOS 12 en 13 will no longer receive updates from the app store. 

The upcoming version (April) of the app will continue to work for some time, but we cannot predict how long. 

Users of iOS 12 and 13 will find an announcement  in the app, saying that it will no longer receive updates.
Devices that use iOS 13 can be updated to iOS 14. Then they receive updates from the app store for Minddistrict app again.


New module: War in Ukraine: Dealing with worry and anxiety

We live in challenging times. First the Corona pandemic, now the war against Ukraine. Many people have existential fears, worrying about what will happen and whether they themselves will be threatened soon. We have therefore created the self-help module "Ukraine War: Dealing with Fear and Worry". This module contains tips on how to deal with uncertainty and anxiety in the current situation. The module contains psycho-education about fear, information about acceptance and how to take action yourself. Suggestions about sleep, nightlife and self-care are also included.

More information about the module

The module will be available from April 5th. Do you want to add this new module to your catalogue? Please contact your account manager or the Minddistrict Servicedesk.

Tips for writing feedback are extended

This update is relevant for therapists 

The tips for writing feedback have been rewritten and rearranged in the mobile modules.

Furthermore, these general feedback tips are provided with a link to an extensive support page with guidelines and tips that can help writing feedback

You can already read these feedback tips on our support site for therapists

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