It is a requirement that a Minddistrict account has a a valid e-mail address linked to it. To this email address, all emails from the Minddistrict platform are sent. There are a number of different emails that are sent to professionals (such as therapists) and/or clients.

What types of notifications are there?

  • Notification emails: these are sent to the user when someone has sent a message. Users can be clients, therapists or other professionals.
  • Task emails: The user gets these when a new task is available. For example, when a counsellor has assigned a new module to a client or when the therapist can provide feedback after the client submitted answers at the end of a session
  • Task reminder emails: the user receives these on Monday mornings if there are still open tasks. This email is sent with a maximum of three times as long as no new tasks are added.
  • Diary notifications: Diaries have notifications in the form of push notifications. These push notifications are only visible if the client is using the Minddistrict App. Read here how to adjust/stop the notifications of these push messages. Want to know how to customise/stop these push notifications? Visit this supportpage.(Opens in new window)
Task emails are the only emails that cannot be disabled.

Therapists and their notification (settings)

Therapists have the option to change conversation notifications. This can be done in the following way:

  1. Via your profile (right corner) you can go to 'Preferences'.

  2. In the next screen click on the tile 'Conversation notifications’.
  3. Change the notifications according to your needs. Conversation notifications can be turned off altogether.

If you are online in the platform and so is your conversation partner, you will not receive a notification email.

Clients and their notification (settings)

Clients can change/stop notification emails and task reminder emails. This can be done via the following steps:

  1. Via profile (upper right corner of main menu) the clients can go to 'Preferences’
  2. In the next screen they can click on 'Conversation notifications'or 'Task reminders'
  3. They can change the notifications to their liking and save them.
  4. Conversation notifications can be turned off altogether. This works in the same way as for the therapists.

  5. Does the client uncheck the task reminder? Then they will no longer receive a task reminder on Monday.