Video calling allows you to have secure conversations with your patients at a distance, using the Minddistrict platform. This page offers a number of short instructions and tips. So you can have a trouble-free video session.


Would you rather watch a video? Scroll all the way down, you’ll find a video tutorial.


A short check list before starting:

  1. Check with your patient whether he or she has the right tools for a video session. Do they have an account in Minddistrict? A decent internet connection? A camera and microphone on their computer, phone or tablet?
  2. Agree on a time to start the video call.
  3. Make sure your patient knows you are the one starting the call.

Logging in

All participants in a video call need a Minddistrict account.



Video sessions are available on your computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Use Google Chrome for using the Minddistrict platform, unless you’re using an iPhone or iPad. In that case, use the (standard) Safari browser. Unfortunately, video sessions aren’t available in the Minddistrict app; always sign in using your browser, also when on a phone or tablet.

Don't forget - use Google Chrome or, when on iPad or iPhone, Safari.


Are you worried about the speed and quality of your internet connection? Go to to check the connection speed. A minimum speed (for both download and upload) of 2Mbps is needed. Increase bandwidth by temporarily closing other programs and browser screens.


It’s also important to allow your browser to use the camera and microphone. When starting your call, you’ll be guided in doing this. But you can also take care of this beforehand. Below, you’ll find an overview for the relevant browsers:


  • Chrome: click the icon of a lock in the address bar. A menu will appear that’ll let you block and allow camera and microphone.
  • Safari on iPad or iPhone: click the ‘aA’ icon in the address bar. A menu will appear, in that menu, click ‘settings fort his website’. Here you can block and allow camera and microphone.

Start your video call

Are you and your patient or colleague online in the platform? Follow these steps to start a video call. You’ll find a video tutorial on this further down.


Step 1: click ‘start conversation’

Step 2: click ‘start video call’

Step 3: allow access to your camera and microphone

Step 4: that’s it! You’re in the video call.

Video tutorial: video sessions in Minddistrict

We also made a video explaining these steps. Have a look at it here, and don’t hesitate to share it with your colleagues. 

Further information

If you’re looking for more information on video sessions, click here. Are you experiencing difficulties using the functionality? Find the trouble shooting page here. And if your patient needs help, go here