To be able to use multimedia files (video and audio) in a correct format in the CMS, they have to be converted. With the conversion, the quality can be guaranteed and the chance of bugs is reduced. Anyone with the 'Editor' role can do this. To convert your multimedia:

  1. Inside the CMS click on the tab 'Catalogue'
  2. Click on the link 'Media conversion'
  3. Drag your media file (s) to the appropriate place on this page (or search your computer via the 'Browse' button)
  4. Wait untill all your files are uploaded (how long this will take depends on the number and size of your files)
  5. The conversion starts. This can take a while. It is safe to navigate away from the page in the meantime
  6. Once the conversion is completed, you'll see a download button
  7. Save the file on your computer. You can now use it in your content. Click here to learn how to add a video to your content(Opens in new screen)

Converted files will be available to download for 1 week and then they will be deleted.

Only you can access your converted files. Other editors cannot see or download your converted files.


There are a number of specifications that should be considered when you convert multimedia:

  • File types: All files can be converted as long as it is a video or audio file.

The Minddistrict video conversion process scales all videos down to:

  • File size: a maximum file size of 250 Mb. Therefore, make sure that the file you want to convert is as small as possible, but still has enough quality to effectively communicate its message. Take the length into account: the file size increases with the duration of the media. Bear in mind that converting large, long video‚Äôs may result in poor video quality.
  • Resolution:  a maximum height and/or width of 1024 pixels. So please do not upload files that have a width/height of more than 1024 pixels.