On Friday evening, September 2, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Minddistrict app

New design for notifications

This update is relevant for clients and friends 

In order to send notifications to users of a mobile app, we need permission from the user. These include for example notifications that there is a new message, that they can fill in their diary or track the progress of their goal.

To make the process smoother for the user, we redesigned the notifications and the permission flow. The new design includes a banner that draws the user's attention to important announcements and a number of changes to the settings within the app.

With this redesign we also anticipate on the release of Android 13. This Android version requires users to agree to receive notifications.

Old situation
1 or more violet banners
New situation
The new design will be available in the next version of both the iOS and Android app


Texts visible for professionals only (in mobile modules)

This update is relevant for editors and therapists 

In the CMS it is now possible to indicate that text blocks are only visible for the professional.


This possibility can be used, among other things, to provide therapists with:

  • tips for reviewing the content and answers
  • feedback tips
  • computations and information about the computation


To make texts visible for professionals only, the editor can:

  • choose to create or edit mobile module content (topic)
  • the 'Professionals only' slider is only available for the textblocks, paragraph, info, highlighted, quote or tip.

    In these types the editor van activate the 'professionals only' slider

  • in the preview mode in the CMS, there is a label 'Only visible for professionals'. This prevents confusion.

Tip: Add a paragraph with text, such as: 'Only professionals can read the following'. This makes it clear to them that the text is not visible for clients.

Now also computations in mobile modules

This update is relevant for editors and therapists

In addition to computations in browser-only content, it is now also possible to add computations (calculations) to the content of mobile modules.


Computations allow the therapist to see a score based on a client's answers. This score can help the therapist to get an impression of how the client is doing. The therapist can also use the score as input for advice or feedback to the client.


The editor can add computations in the CMS in the mobile module (topic), and:

  • will add the score for each answer in the CMS
  • defines the calculation of the scores in the Computations JavaScript screen
  • will decide how the score will be displayed.
    The editor can also add information or advice for the practitioner by using the 'Professionals only' option of the text.
Clients can not see the score of the computations.
Tip: On the support page 'Computations in mobile modules' you will find an explanation on how to add a computation to a mobile module.
Interested in this new functionality? Please contact the service desk to activate it in your CMS.

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