On Friday evening, July 1st, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Layout panels client dashboard

This update is relevant for therapists

A restructuring of the panels of the client dashboard is taking place on the web platform. The left column will show general information. The right column will show the information about tools. This makes the information overview more consistent.

Old situation

When viewing the client dashboard as a professional, the first column of panels was a combination of generic information and the progress of various tools. Where the second column consisted of panels on conversations and also general information such as the number of friends the customer has.

Generic information is spread over several columns.

Old situation
New situation
So what has changed is that the generic information in one column is combined with the conversation panel and the other column is only focused on the progress of tools.
New situation

Change 'Last time online' to 'online x days ago' istead of 'date' in client overview

This update is relevant for therapists 

Previously, the caseload overview of professionals for the client accounts displayed 'Last online' with the date on which the client was last online. From now on, the number of days since a client was online will be displayed. This makes it easier for the professional to see when the client was last online.


New CMS elearning

This update is relevant for editors

Want to learn how to build an online module yourself? Minddistrict now has an online E-learning where you can learn just that. In a few easy online trainings you learn how to write a concept, how to make your module science based, how to adjust your writing style to an online module and how to work in Minddistrict’s content management system. After this training you will be able to go live with your very own online modules and diaries.

Available since June 6th. The online modules will also be usable by clients on their mobile phone. Interested? Ask your account manager for more information.

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