On Friday evening, June 3rd, a new version of the Minddistrict platform will go into production. In this release note, you'll find all updates. Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Successful data server migration co.uk servers (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for platforms with the extension co.uk 

The migration of the UK data servers was successfully completed on May 20th. All other data servers (com, nl, trainingen, de, dk, content) were already migrated. So most of the updates in this release note were already available on the other platforms.

For the platforms with the extension co.uk this migration means that the following updates are now also available:

  1. Top level navigation for professionals clearer
  2. The configuration tile 'Layout' renamed to 'Logos'
  3. Improved progress bar inside a module
  4. Display of progress in modules on the homepage
  5. Promotion of the mobile app

Top level navigation for professionals clearer (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for all professionals 

The navigation bar for the professionals has been modified. It is clearer now because it takes up less space and the look and feel is more modern.

Old situation

Previously, the navigation was divided over two bars and therefore took up more space. Besides that the navigation always remained on the screen.
Old situation

All features in the navigation are still there, but the following has been changed:

Old situationNew situation

Platform indicator

A yellow bar indicates which platform you are in (e.g. the training or content platform). The production platform does not have a yellow bar.

The navigation bar

All items (logo, profile and navigation items) are in one bar instead of two.

Scroll down the screen and the menu disappears. It is no longer fixed on the screen.

Scrolling through menu

Do you have a small screen? From now on, the menu remains partly visible with arrows to scroll left and right. Previously, you saw a dropdown menu on a small screen.


Your own name is no longer next to the circle where your profile picture can be. This keeps the screen visually empty.

Visibility through profile

This is now shown as a text. You can turn visibility on or off using a slider.


To read an announcement, you no longer need to click on an information icon. The whole announcement is now shown. If you have read the announcement, you can switch it off by clicking on the x.

The configuration tile 'Layout' renamed to 'Logos (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for application managers 

To make this configuration clearer, textual improvements have been made to the explanation of the fields and the field names of this configuration. Renaming the configuration 'Layout' to 'Logos' will also contribute to this.

Improving the progress bar inside a module (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for clients and friends

Until now, the progress indicator in a mobile module was a circle. The same circle was also the access to the navigation menu in the module.

This indicator has been replaced by a progress bar that can be seen at the top of the page. 

In addition, an 'Overview' link has been added on the top left side of the page. Clients can click on the 'Overview' link to unfold the overview of the module. This way, clients can easily navigate through the module. They can see which pages are still to come in the module or view previously completed answers.  

The progress in the bar is shown in steps to the next send/reflect moment. When this moment is reached, the bar is fully filled. If the client moves on to the next part of the module, he starts with an empty progress bar.

Display of progress in modules on the homepage (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for clients and friends

The module tile on the client's homepage showed a count of milestones as well as a progress bar showing progress through the module.
This could confuse clients about their progress because the so-called 'milestones' were not evenly spread throughout the module.

This progress bar will now show 'your progress' instead of the milestones. The overall progress is shown and the milestones have been dropped.

Promotion of the mobile app (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for clients and friends  

The app allows the client to use ehealth anytime and anywhere. It is therefore important that the client is aware of the possibility to use the Minddistrict app. At the top of the homepage (in the web platform) the client now sees a banner promoting the Minddistrict app. The banner can also be clicked away when the promotion is not needed (anymore). Before, a similar banner was at the bottom of the page and was therefore often overlooked. 


Publishing updated content co.uk platforms (for UK customers)

This update is relevant for editors with UK production platforms

Since the migration of the UK data servers you as a release manager can publish changes in previously developed content yourself. 

After publishing the updates, the changes are immediately visible on all platforms on which the content is activated at that time. Until now this didn't work yet for platforms with an extension 'co.uk'. Now the changes wil also by visible on those  platforms after publishing. 

New content or deleting content? Send an email to the Minddistrict service desk with the following information:
- ID's of the content
- URL's of the platform(s)
- Should the content be activated or deactivated?

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