In December, you can expect innovations in the services we offer. In this release note you'll find out what's new.  Enjoy the new version of Minddistrict! 

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Data reports 

This update is relevant for Data analyst or -officer

Would you be interested in receiving a ready-to-use data report every month, quarter, or twice a year, showing the usage of your platform? You can now receive a report in PDF format with graphs and stats, including:

  • Login behavior: of clients and professionals per week and per month
  • Accounts: number of accounts of both clients and professionals
  • Modules: top 10 of used modules and overview of all modules including the number of times these have been assigned
  • Feedback: number of times feedback has been given
  • Diaries: number of unique users using a dairy and number of diary entries completed
  • Messages: number of messages sent and how many clients and professionals did this.
Would you like to receive a data report like this on a regular basis? If so, please contact your account manager to discuss this. Please note that there may be costs involved for this service.

New e-learning Application management and service

This update is relevant for application managers and service employees

In December, an e-learning for application management and service will be available. This e-learning consists of three parts:

The starting module provides more information about Minddistrict. After that, there is a choice for the two follow-up parts: learning more about application management, service or both.

The purpose of the application management module is to explain the tasks of the application manager and to get acquainted with the optional extras of the Minddistrict platform. Based on questions and assignments, the application administrator learns to configure and manage the platform.

The service module provides basic information that supports the service employee in their role. By using cases and assignments, you will learn how to answer user questions and notice possible pitfalls.

It is possible for application administrators and/or service personnel to follow this e-learning as a self-help module.

If you’re interested in using this e-learning, please contact your account manager or the Minddistrict service desk.

Minddistrict app

Showing feedback on homepage (Android app)

This update is relevant for clients

In the iOS app, it was already clear on the homepage if there were  unread feedback messages in a module.

From now on, this is also clear in the Android app. As soon as there is unread feedback in a module, the client can see this on their homepage at the relevant module. If that message is read and there are more unread feedback messages in the module, then the next one will be shown on the homepage.

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