Sometimes you can't create a professional account. Even if you have the role of application manager. Read below what the most common causes are and how to fix it.

I get the notification 'this email address is already in use'

It is a requirement within Minddistrict that each account is created with a unique e-mail address. Whether it is a professional account or a client account does not matter. This email address must be a valid and existing email address. This is because for creating a new password, unblocking an account, etc, an email is sent to the email address. The user must be able to receive and manage these emails at all times.

When you get the message that an email address already exists in the platform, it really does.

Then search the platform to see where the email address already exists:

  • search for active and inactive accounts
  • search the professional accounts as well as the client accounts. Don't have access to the client accounts? Then read on below the screenshot.

Use the filters you have for this (in the left column)

Can't find the account or don't have access to client accounts? The person with the data officer role can print out exports of clients and professionals. The application manager can contact the data-officer about this if necessary. The data-officer can indicate where the account is located in the platform and whether the account is (in)active. If necessary, the platform secretary can activate the account or assign it to another therapist.

Is there no data officer? Be careful when assigning this role to yourself or a colleague. The data officer will have access to the details of all data within the platform and therefore also to privacy-sensitive information.

I don't see an 'Add' button or the message 'Some account details cannot be changed,...'

Trying to add a professional account and don't see an 'Add' button? While you do have the role of application manager? Professional accounts are then created via an external system, e.g. an EPD.  Creating as well as changing accounts is then done in the external system. Via an integration, the data are created/modified in the Minddistrict platform.

Do you want to edit details in an existing professional account and get the message 'Some account details cannot be edited as they are managed by an external system.'? That means the account was created by the external system. To avoid discrepancies between the external system and the Minddistrict platform, it is recommended to modify the data in the external system.

This is defined in the 'Professionals details' configuration.

You can choose between three settings in terms of manual adjustments and external integration in this configuration:

  • Never allow manual updates: Accounts cannot be modified. The external system determines the data in the account.
  • Protect externally managed user accounts.: This is the default setting. Accounts created by an external system cannot be modified. Accounts created in the Minddistrict platform itself can be modified.
  • Always allow manual updates (potentially overriding externally managed accounts): Accounts can always be edited even when created via an integration.
Do you use a integration to create accounts? Then change this setting only temporarily and only if there really is no other option. Return the setting to the original setting immediately afterwards. Otherwise, discrepancies may arise between the different systems. This, in turn, can lead to error messages.

I don't see a button to delete a professional account

That's true. It is not possible to delete a professional account. Because therapists have conversations with clients or give feedback, for example, that is data that is also included in a client account. If you delete a professional account, that data is also deleted in the client account. The client's file is then no longer complete and they will miss information such as feedback or chats.
Also, if tools are still guided by the professional, this results in errors in the client account. By deleting a therapist account, these tools/accounts are suddenly set to unguided.

However, you can always deactivate professional accounts. This means they will not show up in queries. Unless you search/filter on 'inactive accounts or 'active and inactive accounts'