Browser-only modules are online interventions that you as a therapist can use as support or as an addition to a (treatment) trajectory. These modules are developed in collaboration with experts and clients. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises and examples. As a therapist you can provide feedback on your client's exercises.

Browser-only modules can be created over the web. Would your client prefer to work in the Minddistrict app? Take a look at mobile modules.(Opens in new window) With these modules clients could work in the Minddistrict app as well in the browser.

Select and prepare a browser-only module

In the catalogue you can see which modules are available for you in the platform.  See here how you can search for the right module in the catalogue.(Opens in new window)

You can prepare a module via two routes:

  1. Via the catalogue you can search for the module in all available content. Then select the client from your caseload for which you want to prepare the module.
  2. In the client's account, go to the module catalogue and select the module you want to prepare.

Customize a browser-only module

You can customize a browser-only module for your client. Click on 'Edit Sessions'.

This is how you can:

  • Add Sessions
  • Delete Sessions
  • Change the order of sessions
  • Turn feedback on or off per session

Press 'Exit Edit Mode' if you want to save the changes and exit the screen.

Remove a browser-only module

It is not possible to completely remove a browser-only module. If you have accidentally prepared an incorrect module, you can do the following:

  1. Open the right module and click on 'Edit'.
  2. Abort the active session (Abort button in the session).
  3. Remove all other sessions from the module.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Optional: change the title of the module to, for example, [Not applicable]

These actions ensure that:

  • Your client will no longer receive tasks to create the module.
  • Moved the module for the client to the finalized modules.