Do you not know how to answer a question from a user, do you have a question yourself, a (change) request, or have you reported a bug? Then the Minddistrict service desk will take care of it. Your message will be prioritized according to the following indications: 

  1. Priority 1: All users cannot access or use the platform altogether. The response time us less than four hours after notification.  
  2. Priority 2: All users can no longer use crucial functions of the platform, but the platform is reachable. The response time is less than eight hours after the notification. 
  3. Priority 3: A large group or all users can use the platform, but there is a serious nuisance. The response time is less than sixteen hours after the notification. 
  4. Priority 4: One or several users can no longer use the platform, other questions and requests. The response time is within five working days of the notification.   

These are the steps that the service desk undertakes:

  1. Reproduce: The service desk will attempt to reproduce the reported situation.
  2. Create ticket: If the problem is reproducable, the service desk will create a ticket for the software developers. 
  3. Status: The service desk will keep you informed about the status of the ticket. When the problem is resolved, the service desk will inform you about this.