Do you have trouble sleeping? Experiencing sad mood? Or would you like to live a healthier lifestyle? Modules can help to gain more insight into how to deal with these problems better. They contain explanations, videos and illustrations, exercises and examples. You can go through a module on your own or with the help of your therapist. Your therapist can give you online feedback to your exercises. This is convenient because you can always take a look at your feedback again later on as well. 

Minddistrict develops modules based on evidence-based guidelines and in direct cooperation with clients and therapists. Our catalogue contains more than 150 modules, distributed over 16 topics. Take a look at our website to view the full catalogue.

Minddistrict app

Many of our modules can also be used via the Minddistrict app. Would you like to follow your module in the Minddistrict app? Please ask your therapist whether your module is available as a mobile module. Or check which 'mobile-first' training is available for you in the catalogue!

Also take a look at our video below to see how working with modules works in the app: