It may be the case that your organisation uses a two-step-authentication process on the Minddistrict platform. This gives you an extra security layer to protect your account even more than with a password alone. Two-step authentication means that you log in in 2 steps: first, you fill in your password. Then you enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone.  

Not every Minddistrict platform has the option to use two-step-authentication 

Activate two-step-authentication 

You can choose whether you want to use the two-step-authentication or not. If you choose to use it, you need to follow these steps:  

  • Enter your password again 
  • Choose whether you want to authenticate via SMS (a) or an authentication application on your telephone (b) 
  • Enter your telephone number (a) or scan the QR code with the authentication application (b) 
  • Enter the code that you received. 
  • You receive your recovery codes;  Save them in a secure place. 

Deactivate two-step-authentication 

Have you activated the two-step-authentication before, but now you would like to deactivate it again? This is possible. You can do this via the settings in your profile.  

When will you be asked for an authentication code? 

If the two-step-authentication is turned on, you will be asked for an authentication code on different occasions: 

  • During the login 
  • When you change your password 
  • When you use 'forgot password?' 
  • After one hour of inactivity 
  • hen you deactivate the two-step-authentication

In addition, you will be asked for your password when you:  

  • Change the two-step-authentication setting 
  • Request new recovery codes 
  • Deactivate the two-step-authentication 

What happens if you lose your telephone? 

When setting up two-step-authentication, you receive 6 recovery codes. You can use these codes when you don't have access to your telephone. If you lose these recovery codes as well, please contact your therapist or the help desk of your organisation. They can reset the two-step-authentication for you.